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Wireless Power Ecosystem Leaders Gather to Accelerate the Movement

Wireless Power Is Like Friends Shaking Hands

 For real wireless power, that is, power delivered over air without cables, charging mats, or [...]

A Big Leap for Wireless Power in Mobile Devices

So, Apple announced their proprietary version of wireless charging! Fantastic! We, at Ossia couldn’t be more excited!

See Cota's Real Wireless Power in Action

Ossia™ is buzzing with activity! We are heading into a very busy and very exciting few months leading into the fall.  I wanted to share a few [...]

Will Better Batteries Wipe Out Wireless Power?

Disposable and rechargeable batteries are getting smaller, lighter, and more powerful every year. Ever growing energy densities and power levels [...]

Yahoo Finance: David Pogue Interviews Ossia's Own Hatem Zeine

On August 1, Hatem Zeine, myself and Lee Vesterdahl (an engineer at Ossia), made the trek out to New York City to espouse the brilliance of Cota [...]

How Fast Can Wireless Power Charge?

How fast can wireless power charge? This is a bit of a trick question -- or at least a tricky question -- as are many of the questions about [...]

Hatem Interview on Cheddar

Real Wireless Power Is Essential to the Success of IoT

It has already begun. Real wireless power is being researched, developed, and is about to be deployed by  manufacturers and brands alike. Soon it [...]

Benefits of Real Wireless Power in Smart Cities

“The smartest person in the room listens more than they speak”.

This quote references something we should all do more of, but that's not why I [...]

Real Wireless Power in Smartphones

The modern smartphone is a metaphorical giant oak tree of a technology the world has never seen before. With a wiz-bang camera, high-speed [...]