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The Future of Retail Relies on Wireless Power

We predict one of the first industries to fully embrace wireless power in their business is retail. Why? Because retail has an immediate need to [...]

Wish Your Batteries Would Last Forever?  Now They Can

Good News! Ossia Named CES 2018 Award Honoree for the Cota “Forever Battery”

The Cota Forever Battery is the world’s first remote wireless-powered [...]

Imagine a World Run by Real Wireless Power

Ossia hosts the inaugrual Ossia Imagine Event for more than 20 Fortune 500 partners and customers. Last week, I was thrilled to welcome an [...]

Your Next Wireless Power Transmitter May Be Invisible

If your company is like most, you have a desk somewhere in the building with a tangle of cords and modems underneath it that send WiFi signals so [...]

The Global Standard for Wireless Power Is Here

To effectively build long-lasting ecosystems of interoperable, wirelessly powered devices, manufacturers need a global technology standard to [...]

Next Generation Cota Wireless Power Guidelines for Manufacturers

Good news! Manufacturers now have a new set of tools to build real wireless power into their mobile, industrial, and medical devices, Internet of [...]

Wireless Power Is Revolutionizing Medical Device Innovation and Advancement

Innovation in medical devices -- implantable, wearable, mobile, and even swallowable -- has grown exponentially in the last few years. Yet the [...]

Wireless Power Ecosystem Leaders Gather to Accelerate the Movement

Wireless Power Is Like Friends Shaking Hands

 For real wireless power, that is, power delivered over air without cables, charging mats, or [...]

A Big Leap for Wireless Power in Mobile Devices

So, Apple announced their proprietary version of wireless charging! Fantastic! We, at Ossia couldn’t be more excited!

See Cota's Real Wireless Power in Action

Ossia™ is buzzing with activity! We are heading into a very busy and very exciting few months leading into the fall.  I wanted to share a few [...]