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Marty Feuerstein

Marty Feuerstein
Ossia Chief Product Officer and CTO of MothersonOssia Joint Venture.
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Finding the Safest Way Forward with Wireless Electricity

Wireless charging capabilities are being built in to almost everything … but is wireless electricity safe for everyone? That depends.

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How Will Today’s Global IC Chip Shortage Affect the Progress of Real Wireless Power?

With the current global shortage of integrated circuit (IC) chips, what’s happening with upcoming technology innovations like Cota.

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Cota® Sensing Capabilities

Feasibility research being conducted using advanced Cota algorithms to estimate environmental parameters, such as the presence of people and pets in rooms.

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Slow Versus Fast Charging: How Wireless Power Can Extend the Life of Rechargeable Batteries

If you were asked, “Which is better, fast or slow?” Your immediate answer would likely be fast but fast isn't always better when it comes to battery charging.

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How Fast Can Wireless Power Go?

Cota Wireless Power vs USB Cable Charging vs Qi pad charging speeds. How fast can my smartphone charge? Apple iPhone X vs Samsung Galaxy S10

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Global Safety Standards for Wireless Power

Ossia's Real Wireless PowerTM, Cota® Tested Safe

Ossia’s Real Wireless Power™, Cota®, Tested Safe. Meets the rigorous safety standards the FCC sets for handheld devices and cell phones.

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Blow the Doors Wide Open: Automotive Implications of Wireless Power

Wireless power autonomous vehicles impact. Ridesharing in autonomous vehicles powering devices like phones, sensors and keyfobs.

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Smart Vehicles Accelerate with Wireless Power

Vehicle sensors can learn from the driver’s behaviors preferences to adjust the car’s responses, performance and even create personalized spaces. Connected car is an area where wir...

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