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New Research Shows Real Wireless Power to Significantly Impact IoT Growth and Corporate Sustainability Goals

The big question: how much will wireless power impact our society, economy, and environment in the next few years? Or will batteries and wires continue to reign?

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Ossia is live and in-person at CES 2022! We are thrilled to be back!

The Ossia team has been monitoring the COVID-19 updates and watching the CDC guidelines closely. The CTA team has been working hard to put into place multiple precautions to help e...

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36 Countries (and Counting!) Embrace Wireless Power over Air

You may have recently heard that the United Kingdom and the European Union have put their stamp of approval on Ossia’s RF-based wireless power over air, Cota.

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Are You Attending the 2021 Imagine Conference on Wireless Power?

Due to the pandemic, Ossia’s traditionally invitation-only annual wireless power conference — called Imagine — that’s usually held in Washington state, went online last year.

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Ossia Announces Strategic Partnership and Investment by In-Q-Tel to Deliver Cota Technologies to the U.S. Intelligence and Defense Community

In-Q-Tel to partners with Ossia to bring Cota® Real Wireless Power™ Technologies to the U.S. Intelligence and Defense Community

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Always-On Tracking Solutions Made Possible with Wireless Power

Asset tracking and other IoT applications. Also telematics, fleet management, heavy equipment, and yard management wireless power solution.

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How Does a Technology Company Test Wireless Power in the Real World?

The Cota Forever Battery is a significant stepping stone for wireless power; the Forever Battery is essentially a retrofit for current small devices that use traditional AA batteri...

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Next Generation Cota® Tile Delivers More Wireless Power More Efficiently

Real Wireless Power. The Cota Tile is a demonstration of Cota’s proven wireless power technology that can be licensed by manufacturers today.

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Real Wireless Power: A Definitive Guide To Our Interconnected Futures

This is a definitive guide to wireless power. Answering questions on wireless power safety, future and core technology.

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