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Ossia’s Wireless Power: The Most Revolutionary Technology You’ve Never Heard Of

Ossia is a fascinating company and technology. What Ossia sells is a wireless power solution that, unlike the inductive wireless technology currently being used for devices and ele...

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Wireless Power is Already Changing the World

It may sound like futuristic technology from a sci-fi movie to many people, but wireless power is already transforming the logistics industry, and soon it will improve healthcare a...

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Wireless power could be key to realizing sustainable 5G-enabled smart cities

The Internet of Things (IoT), which is currently estimated to connect well over 10 billion devices, is expected to grow rapidly in a 5G environment, CISCO estimates an excess of 50...

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Powering up the future: Wireless power industry outlook in 2022

The concept may still sound futuristic to some, but wireless power is already changing the world today, with endless applications powering consumer and industrial devices and the w...

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Improve Logistics Operations’ Sustainability with Wireless Power

Today, logistics leaders have a new ally in reaching their sustainability objectives -- wireless power at a distance.

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Medical IoT Devices: Establishing IoT & Wireless-Driven Healthcare & Medical Infrastructure

Healthcare professionals rely on many types of data gathering or health alert systems to monitor a patient's health and vital signs. Most of these systems are limited.

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How IoT, Medical Devices and Wireless Power Will Transform Patient Care for Doctors and Healthcare Providers

Wireless power will empower medical device manufacturers to develop sophisticated, smart IoT systems that will improve patient care and patient lives.

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Powering the Wearable Orthopedic Devices of the Future

How wirelessly powered biosensors will completely change the direction of orthopedic medical device innovation.

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The True Cost of Wireless Power

Real wireless power is power delivered over air, without wires or charging pads, to a device or sensor automatically, without any user intervention. It can be managed and secured v...

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What The Future Of IoT And 5G May Look Like

5G And IoT In Industry. An IoT device is a simple piece of technology, with a small computing unit, memory, sensing/display capability, communication and power. When deployed in la...

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