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Powering the Wearable Orthopedic Devices of the Future

How wirelessly powered biosensors will completely change the direction of orthopedic medical device innovation.

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The True Cost of Wireless Power

Real wireless power is power delivered over air, without wires or charging pads, to a device or sensor automatically, without any user intervention. It can be managed and secured v...

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What The Future Of IoT And 5G May Look Like

5G And IoT In Industry. An IoT device is a simple piece of technology, with a small computing unit, memory, sensing/display capability, communication and power. When deployed in la...

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It’s Time to Build an Internet of Health

The Internet of Things is already transforming industries by creating streams of data that yield insights businesses can use to improve efficiency, reduce costs, or create value. A...

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How IoT Can Transform Brick-and-Mortar Shopping

Internet of things (IoT) enthusiasts often discuss connected technologies as ends in themselves rather than means to ends. And whereas many IoT solutions are all about amassing dat...

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IoT Can Solve Physical Retail's Biggest Weaknesses

IoT can solve physical retail's biggest weaknesses and enhance the shopping experience. IoT can provide access to detailed product information, research options, one-click checkou...

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How To Give One Billion People Power By 2030

Creating a gridless power infrastructure. The move to gridless electrification isn’t surprising. Extending traditional grids is expensive and impractical.

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Is the Key to Edge Computing Wireless Power?

Edge computing will become more critical in the coming years, as smart cities will deploy millions of new IoT devices. Wireless power will be necessary.

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Hatem's Article in Forbes Nov. 27, 2017: Let's Build An Internet Of Health

Hatem Zeine, Founder and CTO of Ossia talks about the future of Internet of Health IoT and wireless power

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The Problems With Smart Cities

The "smart city" sounds like a digital utopia, a place where data eliminates first-world hassles, dangers and injustices.

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