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Wireless Power for Drones: Meet the Company Who Wants to Change the Battery Game

Battery life is a limiting factor for commercial drones. This technology company wants to dispatch wireless power for drones.

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Rethinking Wireless Power: A Closer Look at Ossia's Technology

Can a small wireless power startup really use its "RF Holography" technology to charge personal electronics from several meters away, without irradiating their users? Join ED's Lee...

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PSDcast – RF Wireless Tech Receives EU, UK Approvals w/ no Distance Limits

Ossia recently announced that they’ve successfully passed both EU and UK regulatory assessments for Cota-enabled products that send and receive power wirelessly without any distanc...

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Wireless Power Technology Will Lead to Smaller IoT Devices

Ossia has passed both the EU and UK regulatory assessments for its RF based non-line-of-sight, wireless power technology.

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Ossia Receives European, U.K. Regulatory Approval for Cota Wireless Power System

Ossia says its Cota technology has met CE and UKCA standards to send and receive power wirelessly without any distance limitations.

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Ossia Gets Approval For Wireless Power Transmitter Without Any Distance Limitations

Ossia’s Cota power-over-wireless technology has just successfully met the standards required for the technology to be used in the EU and UK on Cota-enabled products that send and r...

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Former T-Mobile exec joins board of Redmond wireless power company Ossia

Redmond-based Ossia, which provides wireless power technology, on Thursday announced Michael Morgan and Preston Woo have joined the company's board of directors.

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What The Truck?!? Anarchy in the SC

Tune into FreightWaves recent What The Truck?!? episode, featuring our Chief Revenue Officer, Jennifer Grenz. They discuss how real wireless power works and how it can impact the t...

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Ossia Launches Cota Real Wireless Power Trailer Tracker System that Can Save Distribution Centers Millions While Improving Safety

Ossia Inc. (“Ossia”), the company that created Cota® Real Wireless Power™, today announced a collaboration with Sensata-Xirgo Technologies (“Sensata-Xirgo”), a company that builds ...

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Ossia, Sensata-Xirgo Launch Trailer Tracker System

To solve the problem of misplaced trailer at large distribution centers, Ossia and Sensata-Xirgo Technologies partnered to create a trailer tracking yard management system.

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