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Hatem Zeine Of Ossia On The Future of The Internet of Things (IoT), And How It May Improve Our Health & Our Lives

An Interview With David Leichner. The Internet of Things (IoT) is beginning to become more mainstream. Millions of people use Fitbit health trackers, Nest smart thermostats, and Ri...

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The Connectivity Problem in Smart Homes and Ways to Solve It

Solving the connectivity problem with smart iot sensors with wireless power.

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FCC Issues First Approval of Wireless Power Transfer with No Distance Limits to Ossia's Cota® Technology

Ossia announces that its Cota® wireless power technology has been approved by the FCC for use in the United States without any distance limitation.

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Ossia's Cota Technology Earns FCC Approval for Wireless Power Transfer with No Distance Limits

Ossia, a company that created Cota Real Wireless Power — the patented technology that delivers power over-the-air, at a distance, and without the need for line-of-sight announced t...

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How Wireless Power Is Up-Leveling Industrial IoT

Sensors are used to generate data in manufacturing, oil & gas, and agriculture, among other use cases, but a significant barrier prevents wider application.

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Delivering Wireless Power to Table Tops, Mobile Devices, and More

Ossia implements a wirelessly powered table using its wireless power technology. Find out how it works.

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CES 2022 VIDEO: Ossia's Bryan Ehrenfreund explains the wireless power revolution

The decade of wireless power is upon us, with Ossia offering technologies that can deliver power wirelessly, within retail settings, with award-winning charging tables, through nex...

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Device That Can Deliver Long-Range Wireless Power

Ossia Inc. (“Ossia”), has created the Cota Real Wireless Power, a device that can deliver power over air and at distances up to about 10 metres with electromagnetic waves.

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Day Two CES 2022: Connectivity and Sustainability are key Topics

At CES, popular themes are still centered around connectivity, interoperability and sustainability which is good for consumers.

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Distance Wireless Charging Made a Minor Comeback at CES 2022

The potential of truly wire-free power is exciting, but tangible products remain elusive.

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