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Ossia Unveils Cota HOME Wireless Power Solution at CES 2020

Cota HOME Wireless Power Transmitter. Designed to easily fit within a home, home office, or small business environment to power multiple devices.

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Wireless power over distance creeps closer to your home at CES 2020

Wireless power at a distance player at CES 2020 roundup. Ossia Real Wireless Power, Powercast, Wi-Charge and GuRu Wireless show of wireless power.

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CES 2020 | Ossia is ready to bring truly wireless power to the home with its latest Cota product

Cota HOME wireless power transmitter with a footprint of 30x30 centimeters (cm). It is rated at 5.8GHz radiofrequency, which is converted into power.

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Ossia Announces New Cota Design

Cota HOME. The small transmitter can power multiple devices at once, including those on the 5G network, and sets up easily like, thermostats, and cameras.

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Ossia’s Cota Home wirelessly powers devices up to 30 feet away

Cota Real Wireless for the home. Introducing the Cota Home Wireless Power Transmitter.

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Ossia shows off wireless power transmitter with 30-foot range at CES 2020

Cota Home transmitter in a typical house or office wirelessly delivering a steady stream of power to gadgets like smartphones, tablets, TV remotes, robot vacuum cleaners, thermosta...

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Ossia's Cota Home wirelessly powers devices up to 30 feet away

Wireless Power at a distance. Ossia introduces Cota Home. Works like WiFi to provide real wireless power to consumer devices.

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Ossia Cota Home Can Wirelessly Charge Your Phone While It’s in Your Pocket

Cota wireless, over-the-air charging technology that’s fit for using in your house. Real Wireless Power 5.8 GHz.

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The Power Problem Holding Back Supply Chain Digitization

Ossia's will pilot its wireless power technology, Cota, with Walmart. Selected to participate in the Plug and Play Northwest Arkansas Supply Chain Program,

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Ossia Joins The Plug and Play Northwest Arkansas Supply Chain Program

Wireless power for supply chain and logistics management improves cost and performance efficiencies for the entire value chain.

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