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Healthcare Americana Podcast: Ossia’s Hatam Zeine on Wireless Tech Tearing Down Barriers

Hatem Zeine Founder, President and CTO of Ossia, a company that creates wireless, over the air power delivery discusses the benefits that this tech has from in-home patients, to me...

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Building a Healthier Future with Real Wireless Power

In providing continuous power to devices in the clinic, at the hospital or at home, the healthcare system can be free to add more devices without having to worry about wires or bat...

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Stacey on IoT Podcast: Cota technology and what this means for the future of real wireless power

On the tail of our FCC approval, CEO Doug Stovall sat down with Stacey Higginbotham to discuss our Cota technology and what this means for the future of real wireless power in the ...

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Ossia’s wireless power technology can help hospitals

Hatem Zeine, Founder, President and CTO at Ossia, explains how wireless power technology can help hospitals and assist healthcare professionals.

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An iPhone Without A Charging Port Isn't As Crazy As It Sounds

Ossia, a Washington-based tech company, has also developed a charging system that it claims can power up electronic devices from a distance using RF antenna technology.

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Hatem Zeine Of Ossia On The Future of The Internet of Things (IoT), And How It May Improve Our Health & Our Lives

An Interview With David Leichner. The Internet of Things (IoT) is beginning to become more mainstream. Millions of people use Fitbit health trackers, Nest smart thermostats, and Ri...

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The Connectivity Problem in Smart Homes and Ways to Solve It

Solving the connectivity problem with smart iot sensors with wireless power.

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FCC Issues First Approval of Wireless Power Transfer with No Distance Limits to Ossia's Cota® Technology

Ossia announces that its Cota® wireless power technology has been approved by the FCC for use in the United States without any distance limitation.

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Ossia's Cota Technology Earns FCC Approval for Wireless Power Transfer with No Distance Limits

Ossia, a company that created Cota Real Wireless Power — the patented technology that delivers power over-the-air, at a distance, and without the need for line-of-sight announced t...

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How Wireless Power Is Up-Leveling Industrial IoT

Sensors are used to generate data in manufacturing, oil & gas, and agriculture, among other use cases, but a significant barrier prevents wider application.

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