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Delivering Wireless Power to Table Tops, Mobile Devices, and More

Ossia implements a wirelessly powered table using its wireless power technology. Find out how it works.

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CES 2022 VIDEO: Ossia's Bryan Ehrenfreund explains the wireless power revolution

The decade of wireless power is upon us, with Ossia offering technologies that can deliver power wirelessly, within retail settings, with award-winning charging tables, through nex...

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Device That Can Deliver Long-Range Wireless Power

Ossia Inc. (“Ossia”), has created the Cota Real Wireless Power, a device that can deliver power over air and at distances up to about 10 metres with electromagnetic waves.

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Day Two CES 2022: Connectivity and Sustainability are key Topics

At CES, popular themes are still centered around connectivity, interoperability and sustainability which is good for consumers.

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Distance Wireless Charging Made a Minor Comeback at CES 2022

The potential of truly wire-free power is exciting, but tangible products remain elusive.

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Long-distance wireless charging could power your smart home

Security cameras that don't require any cables for power or for network connections are on the way.

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CES 2022: Battery and charging options step up at the show

Portable chargers look to take some bigger steps forward in both power delivery and convenience based on what some brands unveiled at CES this year.

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Ossia Announces the Cota Power Table, a CES 2022 Innovation Award Winner, is Now Available for Purchase Globally

Ossia's Cota® Power Table, a CES 2022 Innovation Awards winner, and the 8th product Ossia has announced in the last calendar year, will be made available for sale everywhere that h...

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12 predictions about the trends that will shape smart cities in 2022

As local leaders continue to adapt to the tremendous changes that the past year brought, industry experts share how they anticipate cities will evolve.

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Marubun and Ossia Develops Sensor Receivers for Wirelessly Powered IoT Applications

Ossia and Marubun Corporation have jointly announced that they will leverage Ossia's technology to make IoT sensor receivers that can be used to automatically power devices.

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