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Ossia's Cota Home wirelessly powers devices up to 30 feet away

Wireless Power at a distance. Ossia introduces Cota Home. Works like WiFi to provide real wireless power to consumer devices.

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The Power Problem Holding Back Supply Chain Digitization

Ossia's will pilot its wireless power technology, Cota, with Walmart. Selected to participate in the Plug and Play Northwest Arkansas Supply Chain Program,

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Ossia and Major Appliance Maker Galanz Create Commercial Partnership to Bring Wireless Power to the Home

Wireless power home appliances and consumer products. The partnership brings wireless power to home appliances developing more connected Smart Homes IoT

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Concept iPhone case makes true wireless charging a reality

Smartphone wireless charging with no wires or pads. Ossia teams up with Spigen to bring Real Wireless Power to the mobile phone space.

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