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Two startups trying to bring wireless power to the IoT

Connected sensors and devices need over-the-air or self-contained power that can work for years without a person needing to touch the device.

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Ossia Unveils Cota HOME Wireless Power Solution at CES 2020

Cota HOME Wireless Power Transmitter. Designed to easily fit within a home, home office, or small business environment to power multiple devices.

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Ossia’s Cota Home wirelessly powers devices up to 30 feet away

Cota Real Wireless for the home. Introducing the Cota Home Wireless Power Transmitter.

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Ossia shows off wireless power transmitter with 30-foot range at CES 2020

Cota Home transmitter in a typical house or office wirelessly delivering a steady stream of power to gadgets like smartphones, tablets, TV remotes, robot vacuum cleaners, thermosta...

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Ossia's Cota Home wirelessly powers devices up to 30 feet away

Wireless Power at a distance. Ossia introduces Cota Home. Works like WiFi to provide real wireless power to consumer devices.

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Ossia Cota Home Can Wirelessly Charge Your Phone While It’s in Your Pocket

Cota wireless, over-the-air charging technology that’s fit for using in your house. Real Wireless Power 5.8 GHz.

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