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How Was Cota® Real Wireless Power™ Discovered?

We were recently asked by a journalist from a prominent magazine how the inventor first came up with the idea that formed the Cota technology. It’s a good story!

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Big versus small batteries: If you're focused on improving batteries, you're focused on the wrong thing

Charging anxiety is real. It used to be limited to personal devices, such as smartphones, but has expanded to encompass a range of devices from headsets, retail scanners, and asset...

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Ossia Supports Legislation to Accelerate Critical Chip Production

#Ossia Supports Legislation to Accelerate Critical Chip Production(#CHIPSact) by partnering with WA State Congresswoman @SuzanDelBene

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The Future of Augmented Reality (AR) Relies on Real Wireless Power

Use cases for AR devices across all industries set to accelerate as designers are freed from the limitations of batteries and wires and adopt wireless power over air. 

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Supercharge Your Businesses Path to Wireless Power in Your Products

How Eric hacked an IoT product with Ossia’s Cota Wireless Technology in a couple of hours

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Ossia Lends Its Leaders to Make Advancements in Our Local Supply Chain

The ongoing global chip shortage is impacting just about every tech industry, wireless power included. And wireless power over the air is an innovation that can support so many oth...

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The Very Energy-Hungry AI Problem

Artificial intelligence (AI) is becoming more and more relied upon in many different contexts.  Organizations collect data, develop algorithms, analyze trends and patterns, and lev...

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Will Wireless Power Kill Your Business?

Wireless power over air, once only a dream, is sliding into more and more business strategies. How will the adoption of wireless power at a distance impact your business?

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Does Real Wireless Power Belong in Your 5-Year Business Plan?

Adoption of wireless power delivered at a distance over the air may be a key to your company's success in the coming five years (and beyond).

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How to Make Wireless Power at a Distance Possible

The world is deploying devices right, left and center called IoT, which stands for Internet of Things. Most of these devices are small, can easily fit in the palm of your hand, dra...

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