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Preparing for a World that Does Not Need Charging

If 5G is already challenging the status quo of our power infrastructures, what will 6G do in the next decade?

Wireless Power Plus 6G Will Help Solve Social Problems. 6G, will allow us to gather large amounts of information from a physical space, transfer it to the cloud, analyze that data ...

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Wireless Power 2020 Predictions

2020 wireless power predictions. Consumer adoption for wireless power. 5G use cases for wireless power.

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How Real Wireless Power Will Enable a More Sustainable Future

In this post, we consider how Cota® Real Wireless Power, helps protect the environment in three world-transforming ways.

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What Does Wireless Power Have to Do with 5G?

5G will enable IoT to grow more rapidly than before and push hundreds of thousands of IoT connections and millions of sensors out into the world. Batteries and hard-wiring just won...

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A Key Ingredient to 5G's Success: Wireless Power

5G mobile communications. Smart Cities use different types of electronic data collection sensors to supply information which is used to manage assets and resources efficiently. IoT...

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Wireless Power Makes 5G Worth the Cost and Effort

The various ways in which 5G mobile networks will support advanced IoT deployments, the key features in 5G that will benefit the IoT and the impact of 5G across major IoT industry ...

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