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Saint-Gobain Partners with Ossia to Bring Cota Technology to Market

Ossia and Saint-Gobain partner to bring Cota Real Wireless Power to homes, cars, building and high-performance materials for healthcare

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Will Wireless Power Eliminate the Wiring Harness?

How Automotive Electronics Will Be Transformed by Wireless Power

Leveraging wireless power to run automotive electronics and sensors. Wireless Power helps solve wiring harness limitations and reduce vehicle weight.

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Blow the Doors Wide Open: Automotive Implications of Wireless Power

Wireless power autonomous vehicles impact. Ridesharing in autonomous vehicles powering devices like phones, sensors and keyfobs.

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International Leaders Are Introduced to Cota® Wireless Power

Cota Real Wireless Power is Ossia’s patented, award-winning technology. It enables small devices to receive power at a distance, over the air, without cables, batteries, or chargin...

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Smart Vehicles Accelerate with Wireless Power

Vehicle sensors can learn from the driver’s behaviors preferences to adjust the car’s responses, performance and even create personalized spaces. Connected car is an area where wir...

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Happy Thanksgiving From Ossia Wireless Power Collaboration

Safe wireless power over distance technology, wireless power technologies, like Qi or pad charging and the Cota Forever Battery or Forever Sleeve, are available to bridge the gap ...

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Why Non-Line-of-Sight Is Imperative for Wireless Power Success

Non-line of sight wireless power. While the advantages of non-line-of-sight wireless power are seemingly endless, so are the disadvantages of line of sight. Wireless power technolo...

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Your Next Car May Have Real Wireless Power Built Right In!

Automotive wireless power. Real Wireless Power built right into the vehicle. Power your devices in your car wirelessly.

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