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An Auspicious Start to a New Decade for Wireless Power

Ossia 2019 wireless power partnerships to bring Real Wireless Power to market. Galanz, Xirgo, T-Mobile, Walmart, e-peas, Eink, NGK, Goodman Networks, Spigen, a major battery manufa...

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Ossia Is a 2019 Edison Award Finalist!

Cota Real Wireless Power, is wireless power that can be delivered over a distance without cables, charging pads, or line of sight.

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It’s a Wireless Power Win for Ossia … Four Years in a Row!

Wireless charging smartphone sleeve. Qi wireless charging. CES Innovation awards. Power your phone even while you’re walking around, using the phone, or meters away from the transm...

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Cota Wireless Power Transmitters Go the Distance

We’ve all come to expect a strong Wi-Fi signal pretty much wherever we go. But it is a challenge to provide consistent Wi-Fi for employees and customers across large spaces, like a...

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Three Cheers for Ossia’s Latest Wireless Power Innovation Award!

Frost & Sullivan 2018 North American Wireless Power Charging Technology Innovation Award. Real wireless power at a distance, powering multiple devices and efficient.

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