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Ossia is live and in-person at CES 2022! We are thrilled to be back!

The Ossia team has been monitoring the COVID-19 updates and watching the CDC guidelines closely. The CTA team has been working hard to put into place multiple precautions to help e...

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What’s New for Wireless Power in 2019?

CES 2019 the year of Over The Air Real Wireless Power. Spigen’s new Smartphone case brings REAL cross-room wireless charging one step closer to reality. Apple has been promising u...

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It’s a Wireless Power Win for Ossia … Four Years in a Row!

Wireless charging smartphone sleeve. Qi wireless charging. CES Innovation awards. Power your phone even while you’re walking around, using the phone, or meters away from the transm...

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Wireless Buildings: How Wireless Power Will Transform the Way We Build, Work, and Innovate

A quick definition of Real Wireless Power™: real-time power transmission without wires or cables or charging pads. It works effectively at a distance, without line-of-sight, even w...

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