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Slow Versus Fast Charging: How Wireless Power Can Extend the Life of Rechargeable Batteries

If you were asked, “Which is better, fast or slow?” Your immediate answer would likely be fast but fast isn't always better when it comes to battery charging.

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How Wireless Power Will Impact the Portable Device Industry

Impact of smartphones on the camera industry. Wireless power changes everything. No batteries, wires, cords, pads or plugs.

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How Fast Can Wireless Power Go?

Cota Wireless Power vs USB Cable Charging vs Qi pad charging speeds. How fast can my smartphone charge? Apple iPhone X vs Samsung Galaxy S10

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Blow the Doors Wide Open: Automotive Implications of Wireless Power

Wireless power autonomous vehicles impact. Ridesharing in autonomous vehicles powering devices like phones, sensors and keyfobs.

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Wireless Power Enables Home Safety: Part 2, Privacy

Wireless Power Enables More Robust Security and Privacy Protocols. Wireless power is what will enable companies to more robustly leverage AI and machine learning, not to mention 5G...

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Wireless Power Enables Home Safety: Part 1, Security

More power, traditionally, means hardwiring or larger batteries. Wires decrease portability and convenience. Larger batteries sacrifice a smaller, lighter design. Wireless power wi...

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Wireless Charging and Wireless Power Delivery: What’s the Difference?

Wireless Charging and Wireless Power Delivery: What’s the Difference? Wireless power is power delivered wirelessly. No chargers. No charging pads or donuts or surfaces. Wireless ch...

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Enabling Real Wireless Power in Existing Devices

Enabling real wireless power in existing devices is closer to reality than fiction when famed inventor Nikola Tesla first introduced the idea over a century ago. Since then, many i...

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Wireless Power Technology Differences

Wireless Power Technology Differences. Which Wireless Power Solution Is Best For You? Pad- or Mat-Based Wireless Charging. Beamforming RF Wireless. Ultrasound Wireless Power. Laser...

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