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The Evolution of the Cota Technology Through Partnership

Molex and Ossia engineering teams collaborated to develop the critical antenna technology to reduce the system cost and increase wireless power performance.

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Cota is the last piece of the puzzle for real wireless IoT!

The number of active IoT devices are expected to grow to 24.1 billion units in 2030, 72% of which will be connected by short-range wireless communication technology.

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Washington State University Students Develop Cota Powered Wearable Device

Wearable devices are one of the many markets which can profit immensely from the Cota Real Wireless Power technology.

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Ossia and Galanz Are Bringing Real Wireless Power Into Your Home

Real wireless power in your home and IoT devices. Cota Real Wireless Power is designed to power all your devices just like WiFi, invisibly, in the background, always on and always...

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Full Steam Ahead for Cota® Real Wireless Power™ in the U.S.

Wireless Power - power over the air, without wires, charging pads, or the need for line of sight. FCC approval and certification.

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Happy Thanksgiving From Ossia Wireless Power Collaboration

Safe wireless power over distance technology, wireless power technologies, like Qi or pad charging and the Cota Forever Battery or Forever Sleeve, are available to bridge the gap ...

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Ossia Partners with Displaydata to Develop Cota® Real Wireless Power Electronic Shelf Labels

Wireless power. Wireless charging. 2.4 GHz and 5.8 GHz. Smaller antennas to maximize wireless charging.

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Ossia Collaborates with Molex to Bring Cota® Real Wireless Power™ to Market Faster

How antennas are integral to real wireless power. Ossia Collaborates with Molex to Bring Cota® Real Wireless Power™ to Market Faster.

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