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Rethinking the AA Battery Power Source

How Wirelessly Powered AA Battery Chargers Could Become the Stepping Stone to Real Wireless Power.

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Induction Charging Seems All the Rage … But Is It Really on Its Way Out?

Induction charging, predominantly Qi , or contact charging, is everywhere. The technology has essentially been around for more than 100 years.

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Freeing the World from Wires: What’s Next for Wireless Power?

What are companies’ most pressing questions about wireless power these days, and what’s in store for the near and far future of wireless power?

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A Peek Into Ossia 2021

Ossia's CEO Doug Stovall shares 2021 vision focused on driving commercialization and products in market to support a new wave of wirelessly powered devices

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Why Switch to a Wirelessly Powered Electronic Shelf Label System Now?

The Answer Lies in the Enormous IoT Opportunity for Retailers

Digital price tags have been around a long time now, and they provide dynamic pricing capabilities, but only within tight limitations.

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Partnership with US Startup Ossia Inc. for a “Seamless Society” with Real Wireless Power

Toyoda Gosei is partnering with US company Ossia Inc. for commercial applications of next-generation wireless power technology.

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Cota is the last piece of the puzzle for real wireless IoT!

The number of active IoT devices are expected to grow to 24.1 billion units in 2030, 72% of which will be connected by short-range wireless communication technology.

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