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Now’s the Time to Eliminate a Major Pain Point of Radio-Controlled Cars: Limited Battery Life

Batteries in toy cars can now be eliminated using Cota technology. The Cota Forever Battery mean we could have RC cars that run forever with wireless power letting kids drive their...

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When Battery Life Is No Longer an Issue … You Finally Have Real Wireless Power

New releases of personal devices like smartphones boast “extended battery life”… when the battery shouldn’t even be part of the next-gen conversation.

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How Real Wireless Power Has Taken the Leap from Idea to Reality

How does a new technology like wireless power go from the first spark of someone’s imagination to full integration and adoption? And how far along is Real Wireless Power on this jo...

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By Yan Shi

A Wirelessly Powered Home Video Game Controller? Yes, Please!

The unique properties of CotaⓇ Real Wireless Power™ make it ideal for wirelessly powering home video game controllers without batteries, charging, or wires.

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Ossia works with International organizations to adapt global standards for a Cota-powered future

Recent moves by international technical standards organizations recognize the growing importance of wireless power at a distance devices and are on track to streamline testing and ...

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How Was Cota® Real Wireless Power™ Discovered?

We were recently asked by a journalist from a prominent magazine how the inventor first came up with the idea that formed the Cota technology. It’s a good story!

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Big versus small batteries: If you're focused on improving batteries, you're focused on the wrong thing

Charging anxiety is real. It used to be limited to personal devices, such as smartphones, but has expanded to encompass a range of devices from headsets, retail scanners, and asset...

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36 Countries (and Counting!) Embrace Wireless Power over Air

You may have recently heard that the United Kingdom and the European Union have put their stamp of approval on Ossia’s RF-based wireless power over air, Cota.

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Finding the Safest Way Forward with Wireless Electricity

Wireless charging capabilities are being built in to almost everything … but is wireless electricity safe for everyone? That depends.

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Are You Attending the 2021 Imagine Conference on Wireless Power?

Due to the pandemic, Ossia’s traditionally invitation-only annual wireless power conference — called Imagine — that’s usually held in Washington state, went online last year.

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