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Game-Changing Battery Partnership

Wireless Power® delivers power at a distance, to many devices, non-line of sight, safely. Think of all the batteries your home or business use on a daily basis: gaming consoles, s...

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7 Wireless Power Must-Haves: A Checklist

Wireless Power Review Checklist. 7 wireless power must-haves as you evaluate wireless power solutions. Here’s a handy checklist of wireless power features to look for while you’re ...

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Wireless Buildings: How Wireless Power Will Transform the Way We Build, Work, and Innovate

A quick definition of Real Wireless Power™: real-time power transmission without wires or cables or charging pads. It works effectively at a distance, without line-of-sight, even w...

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Challenging the Unquestionable: The Future of Innovation

The Future of Innovation, Wireless Power and Solutions

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Here’s How To Get Wireless Power Technology Into Your Product

Cota™ technology is now commercially available and ready to deploy to partners. The opportunities for commercial and consumer uses are endless.

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Here’s Why Wireless Power is the Killer App of the Connected Future

Ossia is true wireless charging over distance. It gives user complete mobility and freedom when using the technology.

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