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The Very Energy-Hungry AI Problem

Artificial intelligence (AI) is becoming more and more relied upon in many different contexts.  Organizations collect data, develop algorithms, analyze trends and patterns, and lev...

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Will Wireless Power Kill Your Business?

Wireless power over air, once only a dream, is sliding into more and more business strategies. How will the adoption of wireless power at a distance impact your business?

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Does Real Wireless Power Belong in Your 5-Year Business Plan?

Adoption of wireless power delivered at a distance over the air may be a key to your company's success in the coming five years (and beyond).

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36 Countries (and Counting!) Embrace Wireless Power over Air

You may have recently heard that the United Kingdom and the European Union have put their stamp of approval on Ossia’s RF-based wireless power over air, Cota.

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Finding the Safest Way Forward with Wireless Electricity

Wireless charging capabilities are being built in to almost everything … but is wireless electricity safe for everyone? That depends.

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Are You Attending the 2021 Imagine Conference on Wireless Power?

Due to the pandemic, Ossia’s traditionally invitation-only annual wireless power conference — called Imagine — that’s usually held in Washington state, went online last year.

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Ossia’s™ Cota® Real Wireless Power Technology System Goes Global

Businesses and brands in Europe and the UK can now leverage the full potential of Ossia’s patented wireless power technology.

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Can Wireless Power Sensors Advance Building Safety?

Building standards have come a long way in reducing risk, increasing safety, and protecting the environment. Wirelessly powered building sensors will multiply those advancements te...

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Wireless Power Innovation Moves FASTER Than Ever with 3D Printed Prototyping

Ossia’s mechanical engineering team leverages 3D printing for prototypes and custom part creation.

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How Will Today’s Global IC Chip Shortage Affect the Progress of Real Wireless Power?

With the current global shortage of integrated circuit (IC) chips, what’s happening with upcoming technology innovations like Cota.

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