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Will Wireless Power Kill Your Business?

Wireless power over air, once only a dream, is sliding into more and more business strategies. How will the adoption of wireless power at a distance impact your business?

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Does Real Wireless Power Belong in Your 5-Year Business Plan?

Adoption of wireless power delivered at a distance over the air may be a key to your company's success in the coming five years (and beyond).

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Ossia Announces Partnership with Magic School to Deploy Cota Unreal Wireless Power Throughout the Academy

Ossia is super happy to announce its new partnership with Hogwarts Inc. for the integration of Ossia’s Cotta™ Unreal Wireless Power to their devices for students, and teachers at t...

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Another Step Closer to Freeing Our Global Dependency on Wires and Batteries

Cota Real Wireless Power is now available to be sold and used in 21 additional countries, bringing the total of regulatory approvals up to 60 countries worldwide.

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Historic Wireless Power Milestone Achieved for America

Ossia’s CotaⓇ is FCC-approved to deliver power over air at any distance in the US

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Wireless Power Destined to Measurably Increase Quality of Life

Wireless power will provide energy equity and accessibility for people who are limited physically or environmentally

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New Research Shows Real Wireless Power to Significantly Impact IoT Growth and Corporate Sustainability Goals

The big question: how much will wireless power impact our society, economy, and environment in the next few years? Or will batteries and wires continue to reign?

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Eight Wirelessly Powered Products that Are Leading the Pack in 2022

Whenever a new technology is introduced, it’s exciting news, but not nearly as exciting as knowing how it will be adopted in the real world.

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The 5 Wireless Power Topics that Are Attracting the Most Attention

At the end of each year, we always evaluate which wireless power topics appear to be the most interesting to our readers, so we can continue to write about what interests them the ...

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Ossia is live and in-person at CES 2022! We are thrilled to be back!

The Ossia team has been monitoring the COVID-19 updates and watching the CDC guidelines closely. The CTA team has been working hard to put into place multiple precautions to help e...

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