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SES-imagotag and Ossia Innovate for Retail During COVID-19

Incorporating Ossia’s Cota technology into SES-imagotag’s product set, many devices and products will become completely wireless and battery-less.

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Finally, We Can Keep Track of All of Our High Value Mobile Assets

Asset tracking solution FCC approved for wireless power delivery. Ossia working wit T-Mobile and Xirgo Technologies. Initial deployments at Walmart.

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Always-On Tracking Solutions Made Possible with Wireless Power

Asset tracking and other IoT applications. Also telematics, fleet management, heavy equipment, and yard management wireless power solution.

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Happy Thanksgiving From Ossia Wireless Power Collaboration

Safe wireless power over distance technology, wireless power technologies, like Qi or pad charging and the Cota Forever Battery or Forever Sleeve, are available to bridge the gap ...

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Ossia Partners with Displaydata to Develop Cota® Real Wireless Power Electronic Shelf Labels

Wireless power. Wireless charging. 2.4 GHz and 5.8 GHz. Smaller antennas to maximize wireless charging.

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Wireless Power Gives ESL Vendors a Competitive Edge

Electronic shelf labels (ESLs) are gaining popularity as a means of displaying and managing product pricing and information. One of the many added benefits of ESLs is the ability f...

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