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Saint-Gobain Partners with Ossia to Bring Cota Technology to Market

Ossia and Saint-Gobain partner to bring Cota Real Wireless Power to homes, cars, building and high-performance materials for healthcare

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International Leaders Are Introduced to Cota® Wireless Power

Cota Real Wireless Power is Ossia’s patented, award-winning technology. It enables small devices to receive power at a distance, over the air, without cables, batteries, or chargin...

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Five Wireless Power Predictions for 2020 and Beyond

Devices will Charge themselves automatically, without wires, pads and line of sight. Wireless power will become a sustainable building standard, a necessary companion to 5G and Io...

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The Future of Intelligent Buildings: Sustainable, Smart, and Securely Interconnected - Wireless Power Is the Common Denominator for the Future of Intelligent Buildings

Smarter intelligent buildings with Wireless Power. Internet of things smart sensors provide big data and analysis making buildings more efficient and less costly to run.

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