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International Leaders Are Introduced to Cota® Wireless Power

Cota Real Wireless Power is Ossia’s patented, award-winning technology. It enables small devices to receive power at a distance, over the air, without cables, batteries, or chargin...

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Five Wireless Power Predictions for 2020 and Beyond

Devices will Charge themselves automatically, without wires, pads and line of sight. Wireless power will become a sustainable building standard, a necessary companion to 5G and Io...

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What Does Wireless Power Have to Do with 5G?

5G will enable IoT to grow more rapidly than before and push hundreds of thousands of IoT connections and millions of sensors out into the world. Batteries and hard-wiring just won...

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The Dawn of Wireless Power

Big ideas about how wireless power will change the world. Everything is an (IoT) device. Wireless power will make housing affordable to more people, make us more secure, increase ...

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Happy Thanksgiving From Ossia Wireless Power Collaboration

Safe wireless power over distance technology, wireless power technologies, like Qi or pad charging and the Cota Forever Battery or Forever Sleeve, are available to bridge the gap ...

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A Key Ingredient to 5G's Success: Wireless Power

5G mobile communications. Smart Cities use different types of electronic data collection sensors to supply information which is used to manage assets and resources efficiently. IoT...

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The Smart City Dream Team Trio: AI, IoT, and Wireless Power

Cities are already gathering huge amounts of data, including information related to parking, public transit, power, energy usage, resource consumption and much more. IoT, Wireless ...

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Wireless Power Inspires Product and Building Innovation

Wireless power, we’ll soon forget about the inconvenience of needing to charge or change batteries in small devices at all. It will happen automatically, without us blinking an eye...

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Wireless Power Makes 5G Worth the Cost and Effort

The various ways in which 5G mobile networks will support advanced IoT deployments, the key features in 5G that will benefit the IoT and the impact of 5G across major IoT industry ...

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