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The Cost of Wireless Power: A Checklist

The best wireless power solution needs to be expandable, secure, safe, and able to power the many different kinds of devices on your list -- including wearables, medical devices, a...

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How Wireless Power Will Protect Your Warehouse and Factory Workers

Wireless Power Makes More Comprehensive Safety Possible. Wireless power removes many of the obstacles, like cost of wiring and buildout, that keep us from setting up an even safer ...

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Cota Wireless Power Transmitters Go the Distance

We’ve all come to expect a strong Wi-Fi signal pretty much wherever we go. But it is a challenge to provide consistent Wi-Fi for employees and customers across large spaces, like a...

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Wireless Power, the Next Big Thing for IoT?

Learn the difference between Wireless Power vs. Wireless Charing. Why use Wireless Power. The applications for Wireless Power and the future growth we anticipate for commercial u...

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