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How Real Wireless Power Will Enable a More Sustainable Future

In this post, we consider how Cota® Real Wireless Power, helps protect the environment in three world-transforming ways.

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Three Major Wireless Power Myths Busted

Wireless power myths. Fact or fiction? Researching wireless power technology systems for your business, you may run into strongly worded opinions or insights that cause you to thi...

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The Dawn of Wireless Power

Big ideas about how wireless power will change the world. Everything is an (IoT) device. Wireless power will make housing affordable to more people, make us more secure, increase ...

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What Will It Take for Wireless Power to Take Off?

Wireless Power Standardization. Wireless Power Efficiency. Wireless Power Competition (or Complements). Wireless Power Collaboration. Wireless Power Future

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What’s Possible With Wireless Power? Join This Webinar

Wireless power with no wires, pads or pucks webinar. Nokia Open Talks webinar. Wireless power at a distance, power while in motion, power safely and efficiently, power to multiple...

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It’s a Wireless Power Win for Ossia … Four Years in a Row!

Wireless charging smartphone sleeve. Qi wireless charging. CES Innovation awards. Power your phone even while you’re walking around, using the phone, or meters away from the transm...

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