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How Real Wireless Power Will Enable a More Sustainable Future

In this post, we consider how Cota® Real Wireless Power, helps protect the environment in three world-transforming ways.

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What Will It Take for Wireless Power to Take Off?

Wireless Power Standardization. Wireless Power Efficiency. Wireless Power Competition (or Complements). Wireless Power Collaboration. Wireless Power Future

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Wireless Power Enables Home Safety: Part 2, Privacy

Wireless Power Enables More Robust Security and Privacy Protocols. Wireless power is what will enable companies to more robustly leverage AI and machine learning, not to mention 5G...

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Wireless Power Enables Home Safety: Part 1, Security

More power, traditionally, means hardwiring or larger batteries. Wires decrease portability and convenience. Larger batteries sacrifice a smaller, lighter design. Wireless power wi...

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