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Battery-Free, Wire-Free Electronic Ink Displays on Their Way, Thanks to a New Wireless Power Partnership

Wirelessly powered Electronic Paper Display (“EPD”) that is entirely battery-free, and leverages Cota® Real Wireless Power technology. ESLs

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How Competing Wireless Power Technologies Will Net Out in the Marketplace

Compare wireless power technologies and they are semi-equivalent, early dominance will lead the way on which one takes over long-term market acceptance. Has wireless power technolo...

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The Dawn of Wireless Power

Big ideas about how wireless power will change the world. Everything is an (IoT) device. Wireless power will make housing affordable to more people, make us more secure, increase ...

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7 Wireless Power Must-Haves: A Checklist

Wireless Power Review Checklist. 7 wireless power must-haves as you evaluate wireless power solutions. Here’s a handy checklist of wireless power features to look for while you’re ...

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Wireless Power Technology Differences

Wireless Power Technology Differences. Which Wireless Power Solution Is Best For You? Pad- or Mat-Based Wireless Charging. Beamforming RF Wireless. Ultrasound Wireless Power. Laser...

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